"Tradition is Our Mission"
Ethan combined with Spencer-Emery in 1988. Two years later the Spencer school district closed and consolidated with Emery, giving us the Emery-Ethan Seahawks. Since 1990, the Seahawks have won six 9AA State Championships (2001, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011 & 2013). The Seahawks were the 9A State Runner-Up in 1993, and the 9AA Runner-Up in 2009. As of 2010, the Emery and Bridgewater schools combined to form one school district and the Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan Seahawks football team. Giving us three towns, two schools, and one team with one mission "A New Tradition".

2013 9AA State Champs
2011 9AA State Champs
2010 9AA State Champs
2009 9AA State Runner-Up
2007 9AA State Champs
2003 9AA State Champs
2001 9AA State Champs
1993 9A State Runner-Up